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Who we are

At TIPI KINDER we have a highly qualified and vocational staff. We all work with great dedication so that each child enjoys and is happy while learning.

At TIPI KINDER nursery school we describe ourselves with these principles:

Confidence: we take care of our families; we support and accompany them during the three years that the children are with us. We like that we are in close collaboration working together towards the education of the little ones.

Enjoy: we focus on the children so they enjoy while they are at school. This is the basis for them to learn. Therefore, we put ourselves at their height and look out for their needs so that they stay calm and feel loved.

Respect and empathy: we put ourselves in the child’s place to see everything from his point of view. We respect his space of development and we understand and accompany them.

Languages: we know the importance of languages and how recommendable it is to start with children from a very young age. Therefore, we work with two languages in our school: German and English.

Free time: in addition to our school hours, we strongly believe in the importance of activities that enhance the development of our children and have, therefore, included a wide range of activities.



What Parents are Saying

“Working on Blanca’s leadership has been a very positive experience for me, she is close, empathetic and a very familiar person.
Her way of working with children makes me proud as an educational professional, she has a work system where children enjoy while learning.”

Mar García Madrid

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