Our spaces are designed so that the little ones feel at home. Our goal is for the classrooms to be welcoming, cheerful and spacious with natural light. Our spaces favour the learning rhythm. At TIPI KINDER all our children are special and we want them to enjoy while they learn. All the material and furniture is designed for their safety and autonomy


Our spaces are designed for the smallest with spacious classrooms and furniture suitable for each age.
– 0-1 year: two rooms for 8 children per classroom.
– 1-2 years: two rooms for 14 children per classroom.
– 2-3 years: one room of 20 children per classroom.
– A multifunctional room.


For us food is essential. Eating is a moment of pleasure and joy. For them we have our own kitchen where our chef Loli, with more than 20 years of experience in infant feeding, is in charge of preparing our menus balanced and adapted to the ages of our children. Our menus are daily prepared in our kitchen with the best food in the area, always using varied raw materials, organic products and high-quality ingredients.


We have large gardens because we know how important it is to be outdoors and to develop motor and social skills.

– 1 patio with garden for the little ones
– 1 large courtyard
– 1 backyard